Interview Fender Lawfirm

Erwin van Nijnatten, partner, Fender Lawfirm


Fender Advocaten is a no-nonsense law firm in Eindhoven, specializing in corporate law. Through specialization, Fender Advocaten is able to provide high-quality advice, serve varied clients and continuously expand its expertise. The firm embraces ICT in its business operations. Technology is used to maximize accessibility, transparency and efficiency. After an extensive selection procedure, Fender Advocaten chose Legalsense in combination with NetDocuments (document management) and Twinfield (online accounting).
What particularly appealed to us in Legalsense and the other products is the user-friendliness and intuitive layout. We were able to use it right away and did not need any training to make an invoice, for example.

Intuitive software

We have completely switched over to digital matters and can work with them intuitively via Outlook and Word. Our expectations have been exceeded by far. Legalsense is logical and looks beautiful. We are also very satisfied with the support, especially the short lines of communication and personal attention. We look back on a pleasant start in which we received a beautiful package almost without any problems.