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We are proud to present our customers who are happy to tell you what their experience is with Legalsense. With the software and with the team.

RosholmDell highly benefits from switching to Legalsense

Founded in 2011, RosholmDell focusing on delivering high quality, useful legal services. To maintain that focus the firm recently implemented Legalsense.

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Interview Svalner Tax & Transaction

Founded in 2005, Svalner is Sweden’s leading group of independent tax and financial transaction specialists. The firm had to replace its old practice management system and Legalsense quickly proved to be the best option on the market.

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Interview Wigge & Partners

Wigge is one of the early Legalsense adopters in the Nordics region. Michelle witnessed Legalsense growing from a small team of dedicated specialists to a larger company dealing with many international clients.

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Interview Van Benthem & Keulen

We deliberately did not opt for an all-in-one package. Despite the fact that these are often excellent packages, they fall somewhat short for our office in some aspects. By working with an integrated work environment, in which specialist packages are linked, you work with the best available solution.

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Interview Bavelaar Lawyers

As Bavelaar Lawyers was growing, they encountered a number of limitations in the area of invoicing and time writing. That was the moment to go looking for a modern solution for practice management.

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Interview Fender Lawfirm

We have completely switched over to digital files and can work with them intuitively via Outlook and Word. Our expectations have been exceeded by far. Legalsense is logical and looks beautiful.

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