RosholmDell highly benefits from switching to Legalsense

Interview with Jonas Axelson, CEO

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Founded in 2011, RosholmDell is a Swedish business law firm with four offices, focusing on delivering high quality, useful legal services. To maintain that focus, it is essential that the firm’s professionals can rely on their internal software systems. Striving for keeping its processes LEAN, the firm recently implemented Legalsense, a fully cloud-based practice management system offering easy-to-use time recording options, advanced billing capabilities and state-of-the-art reporting features.

The firm’s CEO, Jonas Axelson, was closely involved in the project. “Our legacy time-capturing and billing system desperately needed replacement; it was a high-maintenance system, not cost-effective and lacked sufficient reporting capabilities and a digital invoicing process. For replacement, we looked at three different systems. Two of those were cloud-based, and the third required installation of some local software components. We thoroughly looked at each of the three solutions and the options they offered. We consulted a reference check to conclude that Legalsense would be the best fit for our firm: a fully cloud-based solution with a favourable licensing structure and a big team able to provide support quickly and efficiently.”

One of the main reasons to change systems was capturing time. With Legalsense, this is now a straightforward process that makes it very easy to keep track of time and activities. No billable hours get lost. According to Jonas: “It is straightforward to keep track of time, even for first-time users, hardly any training is required. Users know what to do by just looking at the online screen. When replying to an email late at night, you can open the Legalsense mobile app and immediately record the time spent. Far easier and less prone to error than remembering that task for the next day. Another feature I like is that we can send automatic reminders when colleagues forgot to record time the day before!”

Invoicing was a cumbersome process with RosholmDell’s legacy practice management system. Jonas explains: “We had to print all our invoice drafts and subsequently scan them into our computer for internal distribution to fee-earners via email. When changes were needed, the printing and scanning process started all over again. This was a very time-consuming and frustrating process that needed to be taken care of by our new solution. Using Legalsense, invoicing is a streamlined, digital and easy-to-use process that everybody from our four offices quickly adopted. We now even have the option to send invoices to our clients digitally.”

Having confidence in a software solution is one thing. Still, trust in the company behind the product is evenly essential, according to Jonas: “Working with Legalsense, we concluded that their support department is very responsive, they quickly come back with answers if we face any issues, and they stay on top of things. Legalsense is a company committed to its clients: they are open to feature requests to take into their future versions of the product. We must stay as efficient as possible for ourselves and our clients.”