Interview Wigge & Partners

Interview with Michelle Öberg Johnson, Office manager, Wigge & Partners


Founded in 2015, Wigge & Partners is a leading Swedish commercial boutique law firm focusing on transactions. Today Wigge employs over 40 lawyers, of which ten are partners. Wigge is one of the early Legalsense adopters in the Nordics region. Michelle witnessed Legalsense growing from a small team of dedicated specialists to a larger company dealing with many international clients. Read the full story of Michelle Öberg Johnson:

Michelle Öberg Johnson has been working with Legalsense for a couple of years and can be considered a delighted user. “If not done properly, recording time can be time-consuming! Legalsense has a range of different methods to choose from for recording time. All methods are available in Legalsense, and our lawyers can pick the method they are most comfortable with. We don’t have to train our lawyers because it is really a very intuitive system to use.”

Colleagues responsible for the actual invoicing process do need some training to be aware of all the possibilities Legalsense offers. “I joined Wigge just after the implementation in 2016 and was pleasantly surprised with the enthusiasm in the firm about Legalsense. My colleagues who were dealing with invoicing at that time told me about the drastically improved billing process and the range of options to choose from.”

Many law firms still use paper-based invoicing processes where hard-copy draft invoices are distributed internally to responsible fee-earners to check and correct. Firms working with Legalsense can do this digitally while respecting all internal rules and client-specific arrangements. Michelle: “We are doing most of our invoicing digitally, but some lawyers at our firm still prefer the manual process. The good thing about Legalsense is that it can do both simultaneously. The same is true for sending the invoices to our clients. Some of them prefer printed invoices sent to them by normal mail, while other clients prefer a digital invoice sent by e-mail.”

“Since we are using Legalsense, both the company and our firm grew significantly in headcount. It is good to see that the Legalsense Customer Service has always remained at the same high level: quick responses with a friendly and personal touch. Customer service at Legalsense is not limited to operational issues or questions. The development team at Legalsense is always ready to discuss possible new features and is flexible in adding them to the product roadmap.”